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October 13, 2019
RASIRC Demonstrates Hydrogen Peroxide/Water Results in Highest Quality Growth and Film Characteristics for Metal-Oxide Dielectric ALD: Company shares comparative study results for ALD precursors at 236th ECS Meeting

July 7, 2019
BRUTE Hydrazine Datasheet

March 16, 2019
ALD TiN Evaluation Using BRUTE Hydrazine

February 21, 2019
Low temperature Aluminium Nitride Deposition: Comparing Hydrazine and Ammonia


July 27, 2018
RASIRC Presents Low Temperature Silicon Nitride ALD at Annual ALD Conference: Chief Technology Officer moderates ALD Fundamental Process and Precursor Session

July 27, 2018
RASIRC Low Temperature ALD of Silicon and Metal Nitrides

April 24, 2018
RASIRC to Present Anhydrous Hydrogen Peroxide Surface Preparation and Enhanced Nucleation for ASD at ASD2018C

April 11, 2018
RASIRC Presents Alternative Method for Aperture Oxidation in VCSELs

March 19, 2018
RASIRC Turns Thermal Mass Flow Measurement of Dilute Reactive Gas Species Inside Out: Company features new thermal mass gas sensor at ALD for Industry 2018

February 26, 2018
RASIRC Discusses Role of Hydrogen Peroxide Gas in Advanced Lithography: Peroxidizer, Hydrogen Peroxide Steamer focus of exhibit at SPIE Advanced Lithography 2018


July 15, 2017
RASIRC Releases Next Generation BRUTE Hydrazine for Low Temperature Metal-Nitride ALD: Low Resistivity and Oxygen-Free Films Enabled by Ultra-High Purity

July 15, 2017
RASIRC Releases Next Generation RainMaker® Humidification System for Fine Water Vapor Delivery: RHS Solves ALD delivery problems by eliminating particles and microdroplets at very high or very low flow rates

July 15, 2017
RASIRC presents a Whitepaper: ALD of AI203 using H202 Vaper

July 13, 2017
RASIRC Presents TiN ALD Grown with BRUTE® Hydrazine at ALD Conference 2017 BRUTE Peroxide and BRUTE Hydrazine showcased in technical presentations

June 6, 2017
RASIRC to Exhibit and Present at Joint EUROCVD and Baltic ALD Conference: Company to present Brute Hydrazine results for low temperature titanium nitride

May 22, 2017
RASIRC Presents Ultra-High Purity Hydrazine Delivery at ECS Spring 2017: Company to discuss hydrazine for low temperature metal nitride ALD

May 10, 2017
RASIRC Presents Hydrazine for Low Temperature ALD at ASMC 2017

April 19, 2017
RASIRC Presents Novel Reactive Chemistries for in-situ Surface Functionalization

March 23, 2017
RASIRC Presents Low Temperature ALD of Titanium Nitride at MAM 2017: Company Shows Low Resistivity Results Enabled by Ultra High Purity Hydrazine

January 16, 2017
RASIRC Presents New Chemistries for Low Temperature Oxide and Nitride Films: Company Features New Laboratory-Sized Vaporizer at ALD for Industry 2017


September 26, 2016
RASIRC Presents on Low Temperature Nitride Passivation at PRiME/ECS

September 6, 2016
RASIRC Presents on Surface Passivation of New Channel Materials at UCPSS: Atomic Layer Passivation enabled Hydrogen Peroxide Gas First Step

August 31, 2016
RASIRC Renews Funding for Atomic Layer Deposition Research at University of California, San Diego (UCSD): Gift donation supports one student researcher for one year

July 21, 2016
RASIRC Presents Two New Molecules for Growth of Low Temperature Nitrides and Oxides at ALD Conference

June 23, 2016
RASIRC Releases Technical Report on Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Delivery for ALD, Annealing and Cleaning in Semiconductor Processes

June 7, 2016
RASIRC Study Finds 500 Fold Particle Reduction Using RASIRC RHS versus Flash Vaporizer

May 31, 2016
RASIRC Presents Novel Source for Oxidation and Nitridation for Atomic Layer Deposition

May 17, 2016
RASIRC Presents Hydrazine as Low Temperature Nitride Source at Critical Materials Conference

April 14, 2016
RASIRC to Present at Surface Preparation and Cleaning (SPCC) Conference

Feb 16, 2016
RASIRC Water Free Anhydrous Hydrogen Peroxide Demonstrates Five-Fold Increase in Hydroxyl Density

2015 and earlier

Oct 14, 2015
RASIRC Methods for Safe and Stable Delivery of Hydrogen Peroxide Gas and Hydrazine Gas for ALD: Company presents technical sessions and exhibits at AVS Symposium

July 9, 2015
Hydrogen Peroxide Gas for Next Generation Semiconductor Processes: RASIRC BRUTE™ Peroxide delivers water-free hydrogen peroxide to enable new ALD reactions

June 25, 2015
RASIRC Presents Test Results Showing Stable Delivery of Hydrogen Peroxide Gas With or Without Water: Company presents posters and exhibits at ALD Conference and ALE Workshop

June 17, 2015
New RASIRC Peroxidizer Delivers High Concentration Hydrogen Peroxide Gas into Semiconductor Processes

October 21, 2014
RASIRC Technology Successfully Used to Clean and Prepare Germanium Surfaces: High Purity Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor Delivered In-Situ

September 15, 2014
RASIRC enables liquid Hydrogen Peroxide to be used in Vapor Phase Cleaning: Company to discuss results at Ultra Clean Processing of Semiconductor Surfaces Symposium

July 23, 2013
RASIRC Announces Dry Peroxide Oxidant at ALD 2013: Company will present poster session and exhibit

July 8, 2013
RASIRC to Bring Dry Peroxide to SemiconWest/InterSolar 2013: Company will showcase new chemistries for next generation processing

June 27, 2013
RASIRC Presents New Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) Vapor Source for Pre-Treatment/Cleaning in Atomic Layer Deposition: Shares Test Results at Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Conference (ASMC)

May 30, 2013
RASIRC Presents at Sematech Surface Preparation and Cleaning Conference: Describes new hydrogen peroxide vaporization source

May 8, 2013
RASIRC Presents Poster on Novel Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor Delivery System: Sponsors International Conference on Silicon Photovoltaics in Hamelin, Germany

October 9, 2012
RASIRC Earns ISO 9001:2008 Certification: Scope includes sales, design and manufacture of ultra-pure-fluid delivery, purification and chemical generation systems

September 18, 2012
RASIRC Releases Results on Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor Delivery Systems for Surface Cleaning

Aug 28, 2012
MATHESON Acquires Majority Share of RASIRC: RASIRC to continue developing products that purify and deliver ultra pure chemistries

Aug 22, 2012
RASIRC Ranked #26 in Manufacturing on Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies: Technology innovator of steam purification products makes list for second straight year

September 27, 2011
RASIRC Ranked #1024 on Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies: 297% 3-Year Revenue Growth Validation as a Technology Innovator

September 14, 2011
RASIRC Presents Poster on Use of Water Vapor in Atomic Layer Deposition: Poster compares Ozone to Proprietary Water Vapor Generation and Delivery Technique for ALD Film Growth

August 31, 2011
RASIRC Relocates to Larger Facility

March 22, 2011
RASIRC Awarded Contract by Lockheed Martin: Company’s RainMaker Humidifiers to be used in ISIS Airship

July 9, 2010
RASIRC & Fraunhofer CNT Collaborate in Development of High-K Dielectrics

February 10, 2010
Matheson Tri-Gas and RASIRC Sign Exclusive Distribution Deal for RASIRC Products

January 6, 2010
RASIRC Granted Trademark for RainMaker Product Line: Unique humidifier assembly and systems now protected

November 23, 2009
RASIRC Granted Patent on Vaporizer for Delivery of Water Vapor and Other Low Vapor Pressure Gases: Patent #7,618,027 covers unique humidification delivery process

July 9, 2009
RASIRC Ships New RainMaker Humidification System for Use in Environmental Monitoring: Device delivers high pressure, high temperature humidification

April 17, 2009
RASIRC Ships New RainMaker Humidification System for use in Metal Heat Treating and Decarburizing

October 13, 2008
RASIRC Announces RainMaker Humidifiers for High Temperature Humidification of Sanitary Clean Dry Air and Nitrogen

November 6, 2007
RASIRC Selected as Connect Finalist for the 2007 Most Innovative New Product “MIP” Awards

September 11, 2007
RASIRC RainMaker Humidification System Chosen as MicroNano Innovative Product Award Winner for 2007

April 5, 2007
RASIRC’s RainMaker Humidifier Allows Sterile Transfer of Water Vapor into Process Gases

September 18, 2006
RASIRC Introduces the RainMaker Humidifier to Control and Purify the Water Vapor Added to a Carrier Gas Stream

RASIRC products generate and deliver water vapor, hydrogen peroxide and hydrazine gas in controlled, repeatable concentrations to critical processes.


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