Enabling next generation semiconductor processes.

RASIRC enables new process innovation with specialty gas generation

RASIRC products convert low vapor-pressure liquid chemistries into safer, reliable gases. These highly reactive chemistries generate thin oxide and nitride films at reduced temperatures for complex 3D structures in advanced microprocessors, memory, and III-V nitride devices.

BRUTE® Hydrazine

BRUTE Hydrazine converts liquid hydrazine into pure, dry, and safer hydrazine gas. BRUTE Hydrazine is highly effective source for growth in low temperature nitride ALD and MOCVD. Films include titanium nitride, silicon nitride and aluminum nitride.  BRUTE Hydrazine generates ultra-thin films with low resistivity and minimal oxygen contamination.  

BRUTE® Peroxide

BRUTE Peroxide can be used for surface functionalization, surface passivation and area selective deposition. BRUTE Peroxide delivers a dense hydroxylated surface without oxidizing the sub-surface. Think Brute Peroxide instead of water, ozone, or oxygen plasma.


The Peroxidizer converts liquid hydrogen peroxide into hydrogen peroxide gas. This gas has a myriad of applications for next generation devices. The Peroxidizer can be used for gapfill cure, anneal, PR/ARC pre-treatment and more. The Peroxidizer generates high flows of H2O2 gas at low temperature for HVM applications.

RASIRC products generate and deliver water vapor, hydrogen peroxide and hydrazine gas to enable critical processes.



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