Gap Fill

Gap Fill Dielectrics

High throughput gap-fill and shallow trench isolation (STI) processes with hydrogen peroxide vapor.

Key Challenges for Gap-Fill Dielectrics

Deep Structures

As devices shrink, spaces between transistors or memory cells become smaller, making it difficult to physically and electrically isolate these structures. Aspect ratios can exceed 20:1 and structures have a highly complex profile. Void-free gap-fill through these structures is critical for better performance of advanced Logic/Memory devices.

Oxidation Rate

As structures become taller and narrower, oxidation of gap-fill film becomes increasingly difficult with conventional oxidants (ozone, water etc.). Ozone forms a crust that slows oxidation, leading to lower overall process throughput. Water is a mild oxidant, requiring long cycles. A more effective and reactive oxidant is required to overcome these issues.

Film Stress

Conventional oxidants require high temperature process to accelerate oxidation rate through HAR structures. However, high thermal budget can cause film stress, leading to cracking or pattern collapse. Low-temperature gap-fill process is desired for next generation Logic/Memory devices.

Solving Dielectric Challenges

Reach Deep Structures

Gap-fill dielectric materials normally contain a large amount of Si-H bonds, which give rise to its hydrophobic property. With hydrogen peroxide vapor, the Si-H can be easily converted to Si-OH and the film becomes hydrophilic.

Temperature and Reactivity

Hydrophilicity allows water vapor penetration into deep structures up to 15 microns. This highly reduces the time required for dielectric formation by accelerating the oxidation rate. In some cases, process time can be reduced by over 20x.

Interfacial Defects Caused by Island Growth

Water vapor can penetrate through deep structures with the aid of hydrogen peroxide vapor. Therefore, the process will no longer require high process temperature. This enables reduced overall thermal budget and less film stress and cracking.

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