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Hydrogen Peroxide Steam for Low Temperature Oxidation Process

Stable, safe method of delivering carrier-gas free hydrogen peroxide and water for next generation wet thermal processes and surface cleaning.

The Hydrogen Peroxide Steamer Enables Semiconductor Dielectric Applications

Gap-Fill Dielectrics

Gapfill dielectrics are widely used in CMOS or DRAM/NAND devices with HAR structures to electrically isolate transistors or memory cells. These films must be impurity-free with minimal film stress.The HPS delivers hydrogen peroxide gas concentrations from 12,500 to more than 50,000 ppm depending on flow rate.

Low Temperature Oxidation

Low thermal budgets help minimize problems including atomic diffusion, undesirable phase transitions and defect formation. It also helps reduce film stress that could cause pattern collapse of HAR structures. This is increasingly important as device becomes taller and the HAR features becomes more sensitive to film stress. Organic hydrocarbons are easily oxidized, enabling wet or dry removal. New materials and 3D architectures are cleaned without damage to surface structure and other layers.

BRUTE Hydrazine Gas Provides More Effective Reactivity than Ammonia

High Concentration Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor

The Hydrogen Peroxide Steamer (HPS) delivers 10x concentration of hydrogen peroxide gas at a given temperature. The HPS delivers up to 5% hydrogen peroxide vapor and 95% water vapor by volume from diluted hydrogen peroxide liquid solution.  

Faster Oxidants Penetration

Gap-fill dielectric materials normally contain a large amount of Si-H bond which gives rise to its hydrophobic property. With hydrogen peroxide vapor, the Si-H can be easily converted to Si-OH and the film becomes hydrophilic. This allows water vapor penetration into deep structures.

Low Temperature

High concentration H2O2/H2O gas delivered by the HPS creates a dense hydroxylated layer at a lower operating temperature than other oxidants. To achieve the same level of reactivity, water requires higher process temperatures and dramatically longer process times that are not practical for emerging applications.

Surface Cleaning

High-concentration hydrogen peroxide vapor can remove the carbon contaminants and make the surface ready for subsequent processes.

Reactive 100% Hydrogen Peroxide Steam from HPS

Safe, reliable delivery method

1. Diluted source hydrogen peroxide solution is pumped to the boiler.
2. The hydrogen peroxide solution will be heated until it boils. The system concentrates hydrogen peroxide solution to a stable and consistent level that allows up to 50,000 ppm of hydrogen peroxide gas.
3. The vaporized H2O2/H2O gas will be delivered from the head space to the process without carrier gas. 

H2O2/H2O Vapor Mix Enables High-Throughput Fill Process

A thick SOD film was exposed to steam at 130°C for 1 hour. Most peaks were unchanged. The SOD film was not converted to SiO2 with steam (a).

A similar SOD sample was treated with H2O2/H2O vapor mix at 130°C for 1 hour. No Si-H or Si-N peaks were observed after hydrogen peroxide vapor exposure. The SOD film was fully converted to SiO2 (b).

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