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Dynamic Gas Generation

Enabling next generation semiconductor processors and memory.

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Water Vapor

Particle-free water vapor for oxidation and ALD applications. Get precision control with no water droplets using DI water.

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Ultra-Pure Peroxide

Water-free or humidified hydrogen peroxide gas. You choose. Peroxide gas is ideal for surface functionalization, passivation, area selective deposition, multi-patterning ALD, gap fill and more.

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Ultra-Dry Hydrazine

Pure, dry and safe hydrazine gas. Great for low temperature nitride ALD. Enables low resistivity with no oxygen contamination.

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RASIRC enables new process innovation with specialty gas generation 

RASIRC products convert low vapor-pressure liquid chemistries into safe, reliable gas flow. These highly reactive chemistries generate thin oxide and nitride films required for high aspect ratio and complex 3D structures in advanced microprocessors and memory.

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RASIRC enables innovation

BRUTE® Hydrazine

BRUTE Hydrazine converts liquid hydrazine into pure, dry and safe hydrazine gas. This gas is effective for low temperature nitride ALD.  BRUTE Hydrazine is highly effective for low temperature nitride ALD, including generation of titanium nitride, tantalum nitride and cobalt nitride films.  BRUTE Hydrazine generates ultra-thin films with low resistivity and no oxygen contamination.  

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BRUTE Peroxide

BRUTE Peroxide converts liquid peroxide into water-free peroxide gas. This gas can be used for several specialized deposition applications. BRUTE Peroxide can be used for surface functionalization, surface passivation and area selective deposition. BRUTE Peroxide delivers a self-limiting, high density nucleated film that does not damage protected surfaces or oxidize the sub-surface. 

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Peroxidizer® and HPS

The Peroxidizer and Hydrogen Peroxide Steamer convert liquid hydrogen peroxide into humidified peroxide gas. This gas has a myriad of applications for next generation devices. The Peroxidizer and Hydrogen Peroxide Steamer (HPS) can be used for multiple-patterning ALD, gap fill, residual carbon removal, PR/ARC pre-treatment and more. The Peroxidizer and Hydrogen Peroxide Steamer generate high quality films at low temperature in high throughput ALD applications with no surface damage.

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RainMaker® Humidification System (RHS)

The RainMaker Humidification System (RHS) converts liquid water into particle-free water vapor. This water vapor can then be used for oxidation. The RainMaker Humidification System (RHS) can be used in a wide variety of oxidation and ALD applications. The RainMaker Humidification System (RHS) provides precision control of water vapor delivery with no water droplets using DI water as its source.

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Latest News & Views

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RASIRC low temperature ALD of silicon and metal nitrides

Published on July 27th 2018

RASIRC in collaboration with The University of Texas, Dallas has recently developed a low temperature thermal ALD process using the standard silicon precursor in CVD, HCDS and their new hydrazine formulation for a liquid source anhydrous hydrazine in a proprietary solvent.

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RASIRC Releases Next Generation RainMaker Humidification System for Fine Water Vapor Delivery

Published on July 15th 2017

RASIRC today announced the release of the next generation RainMaker® Humidification System (RHS). The system incorporates a new control system that provides highly accurate, droplet free water vapor for advanced atomic layer deposition (ALD) processes. The RHS has a wide mass delivery range of 50 - 5100 mg/min water mass flow rate in carrier gases.

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RASIRC to Present Anhydrous Hydrogen Peroxide Surface Preparation and Enhanced Nucleation for ASD at ASD2018

Published on July 15th 2014

RASIRC and their collaborative network of leading scientists and customers around the world have in recent years conducted exciting work with anhydrous hydrogen peroxide.

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